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With more than 2 and a half decades of collective experience, our passionate team is dedicated to giving each patient the individual care they deserve. Our team of top-notch orthopedic specialists take the time to truly hear each patient’s concerns and needs. Using cutting-edge medical technology and techniques, we diagnose and treat a broad range of joint-related conditions relating to age and sports.

We are specialists in postpone surgeries, infiltration techniques, good relationships with surrounding hospitals. Online consultations too !

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Jan: Dr. Jan Willem van Ommeren is a top Orthopedic Surgeon from The Netherlands with a special focus on knee problems. He offers state-of-the-art treatments, including custom repairs for athletes, and can repair cartilage damage with an 85% success rate. Dr. van Ommeren can also provide artificial knee joints as a last resort. With expertise in shoulder-related issues and general sports advice, he’s the go-to specialist for active¬†patients.

Joris: Dr. Joris van der Lugt is a highly experienced and skilled orthopedic surgeon and trainer from The Netherlands with over 13 years of experience. With a focus on hip and knee replacements, he has helped over 4,000 patients achieve a pain-free and active life. Dr. Joris is a pioneer in minimally invasive direct anterior approach hip surgeries, which promote fast rehabilitation and prevent muscle damage. He has also recently introduced robotic-assisted surgeries for hip and knee replacements. Now based in Marbella, Spain, he collaborates with top hospitals and medical professionals.

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