1. Do I need to pay in advance, and does my insurance cover the consultation?
    • Yes, we prefer payment in advance to save you and us from costly reminders and inconveniences. In most cases, you can claim the cost of this consultation or at least a portion of it through your insurance.
  2. Do you have special partnerships with radiology and hospitals in the region?
    • We are currently in the process of securing maximum benefits for our patients through partnerships with local radiology facilities and hospitals.
  3. What makes MSO (Medical Services Organization) special?
    • We have joined forces with therapists in the region, particularly CostaSpine.
    • As specialized orthopedic surgeons with a long-standing track record in the Netherlands, we possess unparalleled knowledge in sports injuries, arthritic changes, and prosthesis placement.
      • This collaboration offers numerous benefits for you, including:
      • More accurate diagnosis
      • Expanded treatment modalities
      • Streamlined treatment pathways
  4. Why are N-stride and PRP injections expensive?
    • The preparation of these injections is a time-consuming activity.
    • They require expensive disposable materials and involve significant research and development.
  5. When I need surgery, can you assist me?
    • Yes, Dr. Joris has affiliations with two hospitals, and Dr. Jan W. is currently affiliated with one hospital.
  6. Why should I opt for an expensive injection like PRP/N-stride instead of surgery?
    • Our primary goal is to preserve your natural joint for as long as possible with minimal discomfort.
    • Injections, along with appropriate training, are indicated as an additional treatment option, and our colleagues from CostaSpine can provide further assistance.
  7. Do we provide general health check ups?
    • We are orthopedic surgeons and know a lot about medicine in general, but for a specific check up we will refer you to affiliated General Practitioners and Specialists
  8. Do I need to complete the online check in form and informed consent form?
    •  Yes as a requirement by law , we have to have informed consent and your personal details in case of communication etc.